Review: St. Louis Zoo

Hello everyone, I’m here today to share my review for the St. Louis Zoo. I’m originally from central Virginia so when my family and I moved out here to St. Louis County, MO it was something new for all of us. One good thing about moving to a new city and state means new and exciting things to do! Sure if you’ve lived in one spot for a while or your whole life going to an area attraction isn’t all the special anymore, like I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown so many times I know it like the back of my hand yes it’s still awesome but you’ve been there done that. Anyways back to present day here in St. Louis. Recently I had some family come from VA to visit and we went down to the zoo, I’ve been living here for 2 years now and hadn’t gotten to the zoo yet so it was a good opportunity  to visit.

It was a rainy cloudy day but it wasn’t a very heavy rain so we opted to still go (but with umbrellas and ponchos in hand!) We arrived early just after they opened so the parking lot and zoo was almost empty, and since it was raining it was a very quiet day there. The St. Louis zoo is spread out in Forest Park so it has a very roomy park like feel to it. They also have several exhibits from the 1904 world’s fair that was held in Forest Park, the Flight Cage and some of the other houses on property are from the fair so it’s a bit of a history lesson but with the fun of animals.

The zoo is divided into five animal zones: the River’s Edge, which includes elephants, cheetahs, and hyenas; The Wild, which includes penguins, bears, and great apes; Discovery Zone, which includes a petting zoo; Red Rocks, which features lions, tigers, and other big cats; and the oldest part of the zoo, Historic Hill, which features the 1904 Flight Cage, a herpetarium, and primate house. A sixth zoo zone, known as Lakeside Crossing, features several dining and retail options.

It was very cool seeing the new Sea Lion Sound exhibit they’ve recently added. Sea Lion Sound has above ground viewing areas and a tunnel underneath the water that you can watch the Sea Lions and Seals swim right over head, it was awesome! I’ve heard on weekends though you can expect quite a wait to enter the tunnel.

The Penguin house is really neat and very very cold! It makes you feel as if your right in the arctic with them.  It finally stopped raining and a bunch of the animals finally made their way out from under their shelters to soak up some of the sunshine that had finally started to appear.

We spent a whole day at the St. Louis Zoo and even ate lunch there at the Painted Giraffe cafe, the food wasn’t expensive as you would expect and it was very good. I would love to go back sometime and see their holiday lights event and their Halloween event they have.

Till next time!!

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