Review: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Baseball Game

Living in the Midwest, I’ve been to my share of Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and even Kansas City Royals games.  I can say I enjoy myself on these trips to the ballpark.  However, nothing can compare to recent game I attended.  While I was on a family vacation in Southern California.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim has created a dilemma for me.  I’m not sure I can go to another game in a different stadium.  First off, parking was only $10.00. According to the car in front of us, who had been to 21 ballparks, that was the cheapest price he had seen.  Parking was convenient as we only had a short walk across the lot.  No communte by The EL or trekking in from blocks away.  As you approach the ballpark you can’t help but notice the gigantic Angel baseball caps outside the entrance.  What a way to get you ready for a ballgame!

The friendly staff greeted us with a smile as we entered the venue.  We arrived when the gates opened and simply asked an usher if we could go down by the field.  He guided us to a section where this was possible.  This was a great way to get up close to our favorite players during batting practice.  Get those autograph pens ready!  We even got a picture with visiting Minnesota Twins player, Jim Thome.

With a seating capacity of over 45,000, there are ticket options for every budget.  We didn’t stay in our seats for long because there were so many things to see and do around the stadium.  There are many concession choices in the food courts and along the concourses from hot dogs, to pizza, to Bar-B-Q, and even sushi.  I recommend watching an inning or two from the center field concourse area.  We saw a home run come right toward us.  The fireworks shot off from center field creating a magical moment for all Angels fans in the park.

We found games for kids to play as we continued to explore the stadium.  Like I said, there is just so much to see and do that you don’t have to stay in your seats to have a great time.  One of the best things is that if you have ventured out west to visit Disneyland, Angel Stadium is less than 10 minutes away without the traffic that plagues Los Angeles.  So if you are in Southern California and the Angels are at home, get yourself tickets and head over to Angel Stadium of Anaheim.  You won’t be disappointed!

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