REVIEW: Hotel Blackhawk Davenport, IA

HIP & HISTORIC.  That is the perfect way to describe THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK. Located in the Quad Cities, Davenport, Iowa to be exact, this landmark is one of the Historic Hotels of America.  It certainly is as grand and majestic as it was when it opened in 1915.  Imagine the hustle and bustle in the hotel almost a century ago.  The lobby and hallways whisper of an era gone by.  My kids loved the old mail chute near the elevators.  You certainly don’t see that in a chain hotel.

We have stayed in hotels across the country from St. Pete Beach, Florida to Newport Beach, California, and THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK is without a doubt the most amazing architecture I have seen. To start, the registration desk is actually a desk!  How cool is that?  The friendly staff greeted us with a smile and welcomed us to the historic hotel.  There was quite a bit of action in the lobby as people were mingling at the Bix Lounge and enjoying a cocktail.  The piano player was the perfect touch as the lobby felt full of energy without being too hectic.  In fact, we sat on one of the couches and just relaxed while listening to the music before we even made it to our room.

I have to say the elevator system shows just how much THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK cares about its guests.  In order to activate the elevator, guests have to scan their room key in front of a sensor.  No key mean no access to the guest floors.  Again, you won’t find that concern for your safety at a chain hotel.  The elevator sensor was just one of many modern touches.  The multi-million dollar renovation was done so perfectly.  Blending the historic elements with the sleek modern amenities was accomplished flawlessly.  Like the elevator sensor, the room keys are scanned to unlock the door.  It was great not fighting with the little light as I sometimes do just trying to get into the room at other hotels.  Just hold the card up to the lock and you’re in.

The room was amazing!   The separate room with a couch and TV was just what we needed since we had 2 teenagers with us.  No fighting over the TV.  Speaking of TV, my mouth literally dropped when I saw the TV in the mirror in the bathroom.  Not just mounted, but IN the mirror.  Now that is a modern touch!  The contemporary design of the furniture as well as the color choices of the décor set the tone for a relaxing stay.  The renovation crew was spot on with their decisions.  The room truly felt “hip and historic.”

THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK has a variety of room choices from standard single-bed rooms to suites to extended-stay suites that include a full kitchen and washer and dryer.  There is something for everyone whether you are traveling for business in the area or you are in town with your family.  Singles, couples, and families will all feel comfortable here.  The hotel also has an in-door pool, fitness center, day spa and salon, and a bowling alley.  That’s right…a bowling alley.  We just popped in that night and it was quite the scene.  The music was pumping and guests were having a great time!  We will be spending more time there next time we are in town for sure.

The large meeting rooms and the famous Gold Room are ideal for your next event.  THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK is part of history in the Midwest.  You won’t find accommodations like this anywhere else.  Cities usually demolish our past to make way for our future.  Here, however, the past and the future are perfectly blended.  Next time you are in the Quad Cities, check into THE HOTEL BLACKHAWK and see if you too can hear the whispers of the past.

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