Product Review – Smart Tiles

If you have ever moved into a new house, there are always little (and sometimes big) projects that you have to attend to and some that you want to update just to make the house a more personal representation of your family.

Well the funny thing is we have been in our house for 12 years and made all kinds of upgrades throughout except for one area….our kitchen.  I know, I know,,,that is the one area you should update right away.  Honestly the kitchen itself was fine and didn’t really need updating per se.  It was more the back splash area of the kitchen that needed to be addressed.  It seemed like every year upgrading that area was on my summer projects list, but I never got around to doing anything with the area, as I was not comfortable with mixing adhesive, spreading it out evenly, using a trowel and then grouting the tile.  I am a fairly handyman, but for some reason applying tile anywhere just seemed like a chore when it involved all of those steps.

I knew there were easier solutions available, but I was concerned about the quality of peel and stick tiles.  Would they look cheap?  Would they hold up?  How does the cost compare to traditional ceramic tiles?  Are they really that easy to install?  Well, enter Smart Tiles!

My wife and I decided it was time to finally address our kitchen back splash and we decided to use Smart Tiles, as they met all of our needs that we were looking for in a product.  They look amazing and our friends thought they were ceramic tiles.  They are durable.and they even come with a warranty.  Pricing is a huge concern for any homeowner and that was one thing that kept us away from traditional ceramic tiles.  Smart Tiles were created for those with a budget in mind, but unlike other peel and stick tiles, Smart Tiles quality is just as good as traditional ceramic.  Are they easy to install….well that is the biggest issue we were concerned about. Simply put, it cannot be easier.  Open the box, peel the backing off and stick on the wall (make sure to clean the wall first).

Honestly, it is that easy.  As you can see in our photo gallery, there are areas that you have to cut to fit, but that process is easy too.  We started out using a utility knife, but found that using sharp scissors worked just as well.  The entire process took a few hours but that is probably because I am such a perfectionist that I made sure to measure things 5x before I made cuts and applied the Smart Tiles to the walls!

I have to say that if you are interested in upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or heck anywhere really, we highly recommend using Smart Tiles.  They have colors and styles for every need, it is just a matter of choosing which product best reflects your style.

We did receive the Smart Tiles in exchange for this review, but if you check out the before and after pictures, you will see that Smart Tiles are an amazing product and something you need to consider as you upgrade your personal areas of your house.  We will be using more Smart Tiles for a bathroom upgrade in the future so stay tuned!!



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